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Trauma-Informed and Cultural Sensitivity Training

Upcoming T.A.C.T. Sessions
16 hour curriculum * $100 Registration


dates TBD

(includes both two weekends)

IN-PERSON (Saskatoon SK)

dates TBD

(Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday morning)

Trauma-Informed and Cultural Sensitivity Training (TACT) is for everyone! If yourself, your organization, or anyone you know is seeking a further understanding about cultural appropriation, cultural protocol, white privilege, Treaties, land acknowledgments, trauma, vicarious trauma, intergenerational trauma, reconciliation, what to do with suicide and abuse disclosures or how to make meaningful community connections, TACT is for you and/or your organization. 


TACT was originally designed as an artist training course to enhance the understanding of arts delivery through a culturally-sensitive and mental health perspective, while building resources and resilience for arts facilitators. We are now offering training - via 16hr seminars - to all people and organizations wanting personal and professional development.

Having artists and community members acquire this training will enable more people to work confidently and closely with remote and under-served Indigenous and Metis communities in Saskatchewan. This will result in meaningful action towards Reconciliation in our province, as well as providing opportunity for intergenerational and intercultural connections in these communities during workshops and residencies. 

TACT Seminars are funded in part by SaskCulture's Multi-Cultural Initiative Fund and their support allows C.A.M.P. to offer registration for $100.00 

What past TACT Participants are saying

“This course should be offered... no, required for every human in Canada to take!"
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