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A Bachelor of Education Degree is not a requirement for teaching in many specialty subjects in school such as music, carpentry, automotive..etc, especially in remote and under-served communities where it is hard to attract and retain individuals to instruct. Relevant teaching experience and expertise is necessary, and many musicians in our province have the capabilities to deliver this in our schools.


Beginning in 2019 in Stanley Mission, we began our Pilot Project to have a Full-Time Music Teacher between both the Elementary School and High School funded through the school division.


The program has proven to be so successful that schools in La Ronge, Air Ronge, Sucker River and Hall Lake have followed suit! In March 2021 they invested in instruments, and we now have a Full-Time Music Teacher between all 4 schools. It is amazing to see this program in 5 schools, and be able to employ Saskatchewan musicians to teach full-time. Thus far Erik Mehlsen, Tristen Durocher, LJ Kimbley, Nigel Bell, Eliza Doyle, Kacy Lee Anderson and Micah Erenberg have all taught and/or are teaching currently in the program. All teachers have been offered Trauma & Cultural Sensitivity Training (TACT) and are provided with the CAMP Curriculum Resource Kit.  


We continue to develop the framework to have this available to any school that wants to experience the benefits of music instruction: better attendance, increased motivation & self-esteem, development of fine motor skills, higher math and literacy scores, stronger community, strong inter-generational connections and a career in the music industry.

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