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First Nation & Metis youth and community members from Stanley Mission, Beauval and Canoe Lake will attend the Northern Lights Bluegrass & Old-TIme Music Camp to learn fiddle, guitar and vocal harmony. This is a huge step for inclusion of Metis and First Nation peoples in the NLBOT Music Camp. Together we wish to strengthen the relationship between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous communities, and we are excited to build on the progress made last year during this project. Students will receive lessons in fiddle, guitar, vocals, upright bass and performance.


Community Arts Tweener Stage:
A celebration of bridging communities through music. Community Arts Mentorship Program hosts the Tweener Stage for Saturday Morning, from 11am - 2 pm. Participants who have engaged in the music camp during the week will have the opportunity to perform at the Northern Lights Bluegrass & Old-Tyme Music Festival on the big stage. Over the years this is a huge highlight for the participants, as they get to see the teachers perform in the big lights, and they themselves also had a chance to get up on the big stage. It was a huge boost to their self-confidence and self-esteem, and an even bigger boost to them being able to see themselves as musicians, with the possibility of a career in the arts.

Together we are building a stronger Saskatchewan through getting to know people from other cultures in our province and building relationships and connection through music, and the Tweener Stage is a beautiful demonstration of this.

Reconciliation and Being an Ally
In this workshop you will learn about Reconciliation and how to be a better ally. Through discussion, we will collaborate about what meaningful community work looks like, how to establish long lasting and trusting relationships in communities and cultures other than our own, and examine prejudices, racism, and colonization in Saskatchewan. There will be an open question and answer period at the end, so bring your thoughts and openness to the table! Everyone is welcome! Panelists include Eliza Doyle, Tristen Durocher and Mitchell Dureault. 

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