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Heading up to Stanley Mission in December 2021, this amazing crew of musicians, Brad Bellegarde (Emcee), Nigel Bell (Producer) and Erik Mehlsen (Producer) spent the week facilitating a collaborative hip-hop workshop in both Keethanow Elementary School and the Rhoda Hardlotte Memorial Keethanow High School. The workshop was assisted by Mitch Durrealt, the current music teacher in both of the schools. 


The workshops included the following elements; what hip hop is, how it relates to our lives, and how we go about making music together. There was an example of the instructors playing  and writing a song, and at the end of the workshop, the students would participate in writing and performing a song with us based on what they learned. 


The workshops took on the same form for all ages, but the lyrical themes and instruments used were tailored to fit the age group. For example, kids in Grade 4 were given simple percussion instruments like wooden blocks, whereas the high school students were playing guitars and basses.


As the Community Arts Mentorship Program continues to return to the same communities they've started with, it shows commitment, builds connection and trust, and demonstrates meaningful reconciliation. 


It is our commitment to return again with another Hip Hop Collaboration each year until local capacity is built, and the community can deliver this program independently.

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